Here’s a collection of random tools and experiments I’ve written.

My VJ Projects can be seen here: VJ Portfolio.

Side-projects I’m currently working on

  • I’m working on a small UE5 game, hopefully a playable pre-production prototype will be released in 2022!

  • Learning the intricacies of C++.

  • Creative explorations. Notch is my favourite tools for prototyping abstract pieces, Unreal Engine is great for building environments. I also learn random Tech Art stuff: animations, procedural animations, I use Houdini for that.

Unreal Engine

HappyInteractions (2022)


Interaction system I’ve written for my own adventure game. The system consists of three elements:

  • Activators initiate the operation,
  • Conditions check if the operation should be executed,
  • Actions are executed if conditions are passing.

All elements can be extended with blueprints.

It’ work in progress, it needs some refacetoring and proper module packaging, but it’s working.

Creative Coding Experiments

UnityMidiSpawer (2019)


A simple project where objects spawning is synchronized with music data (MIDI files).

My random visual sketches library (2018)

glsl ball vertex extrude

A collection of my creative coding doodles I’ve created during my early days of learning different creative conding toolkits.

It includes a script for generating README-based portfolio for GitHub from YML database.

Creative Coding Tools

Touch Designer ISF shaders importer (2020)


A Touch Designer tool allowing it to run ISF pixel shaders. Uses Python script to parse the ISF shader, make it run in TD, exposes predefined parameters.

Blender script for exporting font characters as 3d models (2019)


A script for Batch conversion of single font characters to extruded OBJ models.

Uses Blender and Inkspace from command line interfaces. Is pretty slow but results are good.

ISF Pixel Shaders

ISF shader jpg artifacts

JPG Glitch

Coding experiments

Some of my older web-dev related works.

My coding exercises (2018-2022)

C++ code

A collection of programs I’ve wrote during learning from courses and tutorials.

Elixir-tanks (2020)


Elixir-based multiplayer realtime 2D zombie shooter. This was an experiment on implementing a game using ECS pattern.

The experiment has proved that building ECS systems in Elixir doesn’t make much sense.

Elixir-datascience (2019)

Elixir code

An exploration in data processing capabilities using Elixir language.

Includes a solution for a puzzle requing to feed a Monte Carlo text generator with the whole Yelp Open Dataset containing millions of records.

Web tools

Wheel of fortune web based party game (2021)

A little web game I’ve written for use at parties.

Membrane-msdk (2020)

Extension allowing hardware video encoding using Intel processors for Memberane media server. I’ve written it while working at Software Mansion.

Taskpaper to Slack (2019)

I’ve written this program while working at ContractBook where according to “oversharing is good for remote teams” rule we’ve had a habit of publicly sharing (and updating) our daily todo lists on Slack. This tool automates the process.

It works only with Taskpaper ($30) plain-text todo app.

Written in Go. Parsing text files is a bit tedious in Go, but the overall coding experiece was pretty good. The program is smal (in memory) and portable.

Docker container for Sendy open-source mailing app (2017)

Docker-compose container for running Sendy app.

Readability to Instapaper exporter (2012)

Migration script for moving your reading list.

Domain names generartor and availability checker (2012)

A script for generating domain names and checking their availability.

VIM syntax highlighting for PolServer Ultima Online emulator (2011)

VIM extension for working with E-Script language and PolServer.